What AMD Proccessor is equal to an Intel 3.4 GHZ.

By PCTechie316
Mar 10, 2005
  1. I’m confused on which amd processor to get. I need an Amd for my motherboard. What amd processor do I get that is if to an Intel 3.4 Ghz Processor. Is it an Amd 64 3400 ?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    It depends on what apps your using.
  3. SNIL

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    Well supposedly an Athlon64 3200+ outperforms the P4 3.4 Extreme Edition in games although not by much. I actually got that Athlon chip last yesterday. It runs significantly cooler than my previous Prescott P4 @ 3ghz. I did not overclock the Athlon. Now for a geek example of performance. I play World of Warcraft and on my P4, I would get around 20-30 fps when flying on a gryphon. With the Athlon, I now get 45-70 fps.
  4. fishhookz

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    Depends on your board. If it supports a64, then get a64 3000+ or faster. If not, get 2500+ barton.
  5. shadow_29

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    amd 64 is designed for 64 and 32 bit computing.while the intel 3.4 is still a 32 bit only processor unless you get your hands on the new emt64 extension. amd 64 have a couple of extra added features on them like cool n quiet and buufer overflow protection via sp2 and not to mention its 64 bit ready if you ever decide to upgrade.while intel's presscott is one of the hottest processors on the market today only clocked higher to give you the belief that its faster or better,whiel amd's unique architecture is its all i want to say is that amd 64 is way ahead of an intel in the 3.2-3.4 ghz for a direct comparison,it could be hard best would be to get whatever fits your budget 2800+,3000+,3200+ or if you've got the cash then fx-53 or a 939 pin amd64.
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