What are good tools for cable management?

By ThaUnknown
Mar 4, 2009
  1. Im looking to build my own rig soon and i understand that it is almost essential to have good cable management in order for you hardware to be properly displayed through the side panel. So what are good tips and tools that i should look into getting to get a good solid look?

    For example: Ties, clips, ect...
  2. rev_olie

    rev_olie TS Maniac Posts: 560

    2 words for you...Cable Ties.

    These will be your best friend. You need to really keep cable's to the side out of the way of airflow.

    There isn't really any fast rules as to how to do that its just your own view. The best way would be to route the cable's behind the motherboard tray to keep them out of view.
    My PC was a mess as you may see in my TechSpot gallery pictures so Ive tidied them up (posting picture soon)
    Basically all i did was Cable tie the PSU cable together and put them behind the motherboard tray out the way. Then for the IDE cable's I put my drive in backwards and routed the IDE cable around the back of the hard drive case stand out the way.

    Also when your parts come and you build in the end don't expect to use the cables that come with the stuff. In most systems Ive done Ive bought new cables that are much much shorter so as not to have anything dangling around.

    Just play and see what's best. The advice I wish I had taken on board would be to get a modular Power supply. I have allot of cables I have not used and really look a mess. With modular you only need to plug in what you need. Its all good.

    Good luck.
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