What have i done??

By hotcoco
Aug 17, 2005
  1. Hey. We are having many issues with our Compaq X07 and decided to check the microsoft website for crit updates. One came up and we downloaded and proceeded to install it. 10s after installing the computer went to blue screen and restarted. It started back up and before it got to windows it restarted again. (yes i have read the posts on these, but then i did something even worse)

    I decided to run the System Restore CD to see if i could just restore the PC back to its original settings. 36% into it, it starts stating that any and all files on the computer could not be found. Now when i restart the computer it tells me that there are no DLL files found and windows could not start.

    I have no clue what i have done and would like someone to explain to me what i can do to fix this problem. I have called around and someone mentioned my hard drive could be gone. Was wondering if anyone has had a similiar mishap.

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    did you try to reformat again? did you try another harddrive(u can get one at any computer store pretty cheap) try reformatting again... ovbiously you dont have windows so u got nothing to lose

    try downloading knoppix linux or something to check ur harddisk and stuff
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