What is AGP 4X, 8X?

By n0tepad
Sep 21, 2009
  1. Hi, just want to ask what does agp 4x and 8x means?

    what does 4X or 8X slot means?

    what does agp 4x or 8x video card means??

    4x and 8x means ??? ... it is just a volts that slot gives ?? or??

    thnx .. !!! :confused:

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  3. fimbles

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    8x speed is slightly faster.. Its the spped at which your motherboards AGP slot can transfer data.

    4x is 1 gb per sec.
    8x is 2 gb per sec.

    Though in reality its hard to tell the diffrence in my opinion..
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    Since the most powerful GPU for AGP is the HD 4670 followed by the HD 3850, it is very hard to tell the difference in bandwidth because those GPUs don't stress even the 4x speed. Plus, if you are using these cards with a P4 type CPU, the CPU will bottleneck the card before reaching the AGP bottleneck threshold. I know based on my current build in my System Specs.
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