What monitor should I upgrade to?

By childofthetao
Jun 24, 2016
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  1. Hi, I would like some help and advice on "upgrading" my Acer Predator X34. I really do love it's curve, its 21:9 ratio, and it's flawless screen (no BLB at all) and gorgeous colours.

    It seems the only upgrades available are the Asus PG279Q and the Acer XB271HU, but the amount of people that report BLB is scary. I can't go from this perfect screen to one with BLB! I would go for the PG278Q since I see no reason to go beyond 144hz but I would really like to stay with IPS panels.

    I may even lower my standards and go for a gaming 120hz monitor if such a thing exists at 1440p with gsync just to get a good panel/screen.

    What I don't like about my lovely X34 is it's size, my desk is a bit too small for it and I hate overclocking to get the high refresh rates. It's only three months old but it no longer can go up to 100hz, only 95hz. This has REALLY put me off ever buying a monitor that has to be overclocked.

    So guys any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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