What PSU would you recommend?

By l1ghtn1ng
Feb 24, 2012
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  1. hi i have at mo 400 watt psu and a 4 gig amd quad core processor and a nvidia gtx 520 graphics card with at the mo 2 gig of ram but am waiting on my new 8 gig ram to come though the post and i also have a dual layer dvd writer and a 1tb hard drive it works fine with the 400 watt psu bt as soon as i download utorrent and start to download the files fail and then my computer runs really sluggish and then sometimes will fail to boot up but this only happens mainly after i have installed utorrent any ideas what could be the matter and how i can solve it thank you very much
  2. slh28

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    I don't think this is a PSU issue, you don't have many components and the GT 520 is a low power card (Nvidia's website recommends a 300W power supply).

    Sounds like you probably downloaded a virus or something... you can try cleaning up your computer or reformatting.
  3. l1ghtn1ng

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    oh rite i c u sure it defo nt the power supply it is a 1gig ddr3 and soz its a nvidia gt 520 graphics card that came out last year and i noticed saying this u r prob rite as since i haven't tried to download anything it has worked ok and no problem yet wot does it mean if the monitor starts blinking white and no images on screen then after a few times it then says no signal or sumthing along those lines and that happens when it is plugged in the graphics card and also when i try plugging the monitor into the on board vga port any ideas could it b a driver problem?
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    l1ghtn1ng, please try to use standard English spelling, grammar and punctuation instead of text talk in these forums. Thanks.

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