What`s wrong??? Overheating problem!!!

By nique80
Mar 3, 2006
  1. i got problem, need help... my cpu temp are at 50'C idle.. and exceed 60'C while playing games.. sometime my comp restart automatically... while playing game(need for speed underground 2) or any programs.. my fan ran at high speed and very loud sound.. last week i bought a new cpu fan "Hyper 48, Cooler Master".. the sound reduced but the temperature at 50'C+ at idle.. i really dont know whats the prob... my ambient temp also high, 40'C+... any ideas?? :\
  2. Helixeagle

    Helixeagle TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Alright i HAVE to presume you havnt done the obvious so sorry if you have.

    Try to:
    Reapply the thermal paste to CPU
    Remove the dust from heatsink, I mean FULLY clean it...

    Also i would like to know what your processor is,
    Any other high temps? like case etc?
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