What should I do with my OCZ Vertex Series 2.5 SATA II SSD?

By glove64
Mar 9, 2010
  1. Hello,

    I have a Dell Mini 9 with a 16GB SSD in it. I don't save many files on my computer so until recently, the 16GB hard drive was more than enough for my use and I found the speed to be very good. I decided to upgrade to a 30GB SSD but when I purchased it I mistakenly bought a OCZ 2.5 SATA II 30GB hard drive rather than the PCI-E compatible drive. Obviously an embarassing error on my part but now I need to decide what to do. I got a great deal on the 30GB OCZ drive on I could return it but after paying the shipping to return the item plus a 15% restocking fee I have done the math and figured I might as well just keep the drive. My question is what is my best option for getting the most for my money? Buy a new (or refurbished) laptop and use the OCZ drive for that or use the drive for a future use and go ahead and buy the correct SSD for the Dell Mini? I would also consider an option to buy a desktop and use the SATA drive for that. Appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.
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    Sell the ssd on ebay for the price you paid and buy the correct format of ssd you need. If you plan on getting a desktop soon I'd consider keeping it, but I wouldnt get the desktop just because you have the ssd.
  3. glove64

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    Thanks for the suggestion
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