what stops to see workgroup?

By asylum
Jun 16, 2004
  1. I am fed up windows p2p there is always a problem to see other computers in same LAN. Firewall I got but set it exactly right. No complain on frewall.

    Though i can ping all the computer and even access the mapped drives made on each computer. Icannot see the computers around me on the NETWORK NEIGHBOOURHOOD . ANY suggestion pls?
  2. Rick

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    What operating systems are the computers running? XP, 2000, Me... 98?
  3. asylum

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  4. Rick

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    Is NetBEUI installed?

    In order to view other computers on a network, you generally need a common protocol installed. By default, Windows 2000 will probably have TCP-IP installed. But you may also want to make sure that NetBEUI is installed for each computer on the network.

    Click Start / Settings / Control Panel.
    Double-click the Network icon and look at what is installed.

    Make sure this is uniform for each computer and that NetBEUI / TCP/IP is installed for each PC.

    This is especially true if any of the computers are using Windows 98 or Me.

    And of course, make sure the workgroup and other network settings are uniform.

    And there is always the firewall possibility, or perhaps a damaged Winsock. Make sure you double and even triple check everything.
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