What Video Card do I need??

By Syntax_Error
Jan 16, 2005
  1. My video card blew out, and its on the computer I am using now. The color is fine sometimes, except for font (fuzzy). It will all of a sudden clear up, then turn black and white. I am new to hardware and brands, and have just started porgramming. I know how to use the machine, but I dont know what specs to give you guys so you can help me. I have a pentium(R) 4 cpu 1.50GHz, 1.50 GHz,128 MB of RAM (whatever the crap that means, lol). Do I need to give you guys anything else besides this? I have a dell, my OS is windows xp pro with service pack 2 (OEM version), and I need to be able to run unigraphics, katea (sp?), cad cam, and someother engineering programs. I have looked at other threads, but I dont understand CRAP! What card is the best for my situation? What card will also allow me to play games like half life 2 and doom 3? Now, I dont NEED to be able to play those games, but what one will allow me to without costing me an arm and a leg? I already know I need to upgraded my ram (or do I?) to 512 or so (like other comp), but I need to open up my case and take a look at my mem slots on the mb before that. If you need any other info please tell me, becuase I am a newbie. Sorry if I drag on and on.....please help!

    EDIT: Also, where to buy them within the united states for cheap, thanks again!
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    cad cam on that comp will be very tedious. i have xp2500 overclocked wit 512 pc2700 and 128mb vram and it still runs really slugish. i know i need an upgrade myself, but i think you should consider saving some money and getting a whole new can get an awesome machine for about $1000 US. i got my parts over 1 year ago and they were one of the best ones on the market and i only spend about $800 cad. think about a whole new comp...for $1000 US, you can get:
    athlon 64 2800/3000
    corsair 1gb pc3200
    WD 160gb hdd
    6600gt 256mb....and more
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