Whats wrong with my PCI slots?

By jomamadds
Jan 16, 2006
  1. So, I recently built a computer and after installing windows, I installed a cheap modem to register products and download drivers. Then I powered off to install a sound card, and I placed it in the slot previously occupied by the modem. The sound card installed fine, but now the modem wont work. When I place the modem in an empty slot (all 3) the computer turns on but wont get past a black screen. Can't even get into the bios. This also happens if I try installing a different modem or a network card in any of those slots. I reinstalled windows, but the problem is still here. I don't know why a modem that was working won't even allow a boot up. I thought it might be an IRQ conflict, but I don't know how to be sure. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. iss

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    Did you uninstall the modem drivers before removing the card and installing the sound card? and where exactly did you learn this odd installation routine of install windows, intall component, remove component, install another component etc, etc?
  3. jomamadds

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    No, I didn't uninstall the driver for the modem before I started, but now I have. I bought the sound card after my system was up and running, and I only removed the modem to have space to work in the case as I was wiring up the new card. I admit I was sloppy in paying attention to which device was in which slot, and I think that I ended up putting the sound card in the slot previously occupied by the modem and the modem in an empty slot. When I tried powering it up the first time it didn't work. I took the modem out, but left the sound card in and everything works fine. I haven't uninstalled the sound card drivers yet and placed the modem in that slot (mostly because its a pain). Maybe thats what I will try next unless anyone has a better idea. thanks
  4. iss

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    on most boards with 5 PCI slots the first two slots share IRQ.. which is why you should seperate cards by spacing them. try reinstalling the modem a couple of slots away from the sound card.
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