When it comes to your laptop or netbook how are you connected?


Are you using wireless or wired connection?

  1. Wired 100mbps

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  2. Wired 1000mbps

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  3. Wireless 802.11g

  4. Wireless 802.11n

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Multiple votes are allowed.
By tipstir
Apr 16, 2010
  1. If you use your laptop or netbook at your desk and never moved it? Do you use wired or wireless connection? Along with AC or DC? I find it strange if you have these systems and connected by AC all day long but never use the system outside your office thus do you connect wired or wireless. If so why do you do it that way? The docking station usually wired connection most connect that way. But if you're at home and run the AC power cord why not run the Ethernet Cable along with it?
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