When you guys replace mb's on hp/emachines, what do you do about the OS?

By elementalwindx
May 21, 2006
  1. Ok guys I've had problems overcoming this stupid problem. We all know that HP's and EMACHINES come with special restoration cds. BUT When we run into the problem where the owner of the pc has virus infested os's that wont boot, or bad hd's that need replacing without being able to be ghosted, and also have bad motherboards that need replacing, what do you guys do about installing windows with these different motherboards!? :( I dont want to install a pirated home edition but is there anything we can do other than buying another copy of xp since they already bought a copy with their emachine or hp? Thanks guys! This has been bugging me for some time now!

    Clifnotes: I cant use the restore CD's on Emachines/HP's with these new replacement motherboards, so how do I work around/fix this? :(
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    I wonder that myself as well, is there a way to 'restore' everything back on a different mobo in HPs?
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    Usually you can mix OEM Windows between brands (there are exceptions). An OEM XP CD from, say, eMachines will happily work in an IBM for example.

    So all you need is an OEM XP CD. (Pro or Home is important) Go to a computer store and ask for one - they might even give you one for free. Or make a copy off a friend..

    The sticker on the computer gives you a right to have a copy of OEM Windows there. Doesn't matter where you obtain that copy from.
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