where did my cd drives go???:'(

By Accurate
Aug 16, 2005
  1. i have a question for some1 with brains when it comes to computers:)
    at '' my computer'' the D: and E: drives (dvd burner and dvd player) aren't showing does anyone know what can be wrong and how i can bring them back?
    plz help
    thanks alot
    greets Accurate
  2. tom_pearson

    tom_pearson TS Rookie Posts: 47

    I don't have a solutions... this happens to me sometimes if I put a dodgy CD into the drive. the drive icon will totally disappear! Are the drives detected in the BIOS etc?
  3. Accurate

    Accurate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    not sure

    i'm not sure what the bios is?
    but i tried many ways of finding the file none of them were effective
    anyway thanks so far for your help:) :grinthumb
    grtz accurate
  4. tom_pearson

    tom_pearson TS Rookie Posts: 47

    Basically when you turn your computer on, the first black screen you are greeted with (Usually has Memory information and Processor Speeds etc) is what's called the POST (Power On Self Test). When you see this there should be some options on the screen saying (for example) "Press F1 for setup" or "DEL for BIOS". Basically follow those instructions and get yourself into the "Setup/BIOS" The BIOS is basically where you can set some pretty critical system settings, also has things like CD and HardDrive detection. There are quite a few different types of BIOS so I can't really be very specific with the one you have. You need to look for something like "Basic Settings" usually the first on the list of menu options. In there you should see your disk drives listed with additional information. If your two CD drives are not listed here then there is a problem with the way they are wired up, I would check with the manuals that came with them to see whether they are set to slave/master correctly.

    If you are having trouble getting into the BIOS, if you're quick you can view the drives connected to your computer when POST is running.

    Let me know how you get on

  5. Accurate

    Accurate TS Rookie Topic Starter


    oh my goodies:D (i asume i can't swear here?)
    you are so helpfull!!
    i'm going out in a few minutes for the weekend so i''ll try it later anyway thanks for now,
    i'll let you know what the results are:)
    greets Accurate
  6. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    It may well be that your ide cable needs replacing.

    REgards Howard :wave: :wave:
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