Which 3D monitor - Acer GD245HQ vs BenQ XL2410T ?

By RyanX101
Aug 7, 2011
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  1. Hello! :)

    i want to buy a 3D Monitor 24'' for 3d games movies and pics and 2D in general.

    for overall use.

    my options as follows :

    Acer GD245HQ 24''

    benQ XL2410T 24''

    which one do you recommend, which one would you get and WHY?

    i gotta buy the monitor soon, already got the 3D glasses from nVidia ;)

    and i look forward to picture quality ( vivid wallpapers ) and 3D performance

  2. RyanX101

    RyanX101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    come on, anyone suggests ???
  3. opensky

    opensky TS Rookie

    Benq was originally acer. A group of people from acer left the company and created Benq. They both get their stuff manufactured in china. I don't see much difference between these two brands. I use Benq LED monitor and I would not suggest it to anyone. I also use samsung and have been very happy with its performance. If the choice is between acer and Benq, perhaps acer gets one point extra when it comes to performance. But both are unreliable companies.

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