Will The HD work?

By kimboy
Jan 22, 2008
  1. I removed a hard disk from one of my computers (let's call it PC 'A') and installed on another computer (PC 'B'). The hard disk was the C:\ drive on PC 'A' i.e the OS was installed on it. I installed it as a slave on PC 'B' and it works fine. My question is: when I return the hard disk to PC 'A' will it still work fine i.e booting et al? Or should I prepare myself to install a fresh copy of Windows? I didn't mess with anything (regitry, system files), I just accessed music and games which were on the drive and added a few more files. Thanks
    P.S. I am guilty of deleting a "very important" system file called "NTDETECT" on the hard disk. Thing was my antivirus reported that there was a virus by the same name on my system. I've already downloaded a bootdisk from the internet and made a bootable floppy disk in case booting doesn't take off.
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    Normally no problems
    But if NTDETECT has been deleted from the harddrive, then you are better off leaving it in as slave and doing the following

    Missing NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM, copy the two files found in I386 folder on your XP CD to D:\ ----- (D being the slave in this case)

    If it say do you want to overwrite Y/N I'd say NO, because that means it's not gone.

    Once confirmed NTDETECT is on the drive, return the drive to the first computer.

    Is that clear, or do you require more info ?
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