Will this RAM work?

By lightningdemon
Aug 6, 2005
  1. Ok, I have 2.6v DDR Ram. I have a MSI motherboard that has 2.5v Ram slots.

    WILL using 2.6v ram in a 2.5v slot damage or fry ANYTHING?

  2. zephead

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    2.5v is the ddr standard, and is used on most DDR400 modules or lower. 2.6v modules are (newer) high performance designs that need the extra boost to run at faster clock speeds. most nforce based motherboards allow you to change the ram settings, so if you need to use the 2.6v stuff you should be able to make the changes in your bios. i can't say that all boards will pull this off successfully though, check your manual and/or the msi website.
    ideally no, but the 2.6v ram will not run at it's rated spec at 2.5v, so you'll have to underclock it to get a post. i wouldn't run 2.5v modules in the board after you've upped the voltage to 2.6v for long, and you might have to use the reset jumper to revert to the older modules.
  3. lightningdemon

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    It is a VIA based chipset. And now, including your review, I have heard mixed reviews. Yes, it will work. No, it wont work. It will work, but damage your board over time. Just up the voltage in your board and it'll work fine.


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