Win XP key lost

By dahernandez
Feb 17, 2009
  1. If I have the box that came with an XP cd that I bought a few years ago and the cd but lost the case with the key itself Is it possible to reclaim it somehow? The computer it was initially used on is the same one im trying to put it back on, I did a fresh isntall to delete all the previous files on it but when it came to the key I couldnt find it.
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  3. dahernandez

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    Its possible to unformat? Does anyone have a link to a tut or something to help me try this, also Its been probably years since I tried to reinstall the windows onto the computer I had pretty much given it up for dead and was thinking about just taking out some of the parts and saving them as spares and trying to see if I can use the HD on my current computer, when I started asking for help on these forums and found quite a few knowledgeable people and figured why not ask and see if anything could be done. Initially I wanted to set up a fresh windows and give it away but the person I was going to give it to has since gotten their own computer so now I really just want to try and use it either as more space for my current comp which is running low on space thanks to a ton of music or to backup my current computer or maybe give it to my mom who would probably just use it to play solitaire or gin.
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    Well the unformat idea can work in theory
    But you would still need to Repair Windows (ie the boot part won't work)
    And in repairing Windows (if it can be repaired, after trying to unformat) you will need your key to finish the Repair process.

    So therefore scratch that idea
    I really only mentioned it as a hint, in case others want to grab their key before formatting.

    But without the COA key, and without Windows installed, pretty sure you're up some creek without a paddle :rolleyes:
  5. dahernandez

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    :( oh well I paid all that damn money for a cd and the losing of a case kills it :dead:
    I'm sure I'll be posting another topic soon for help on trying, if possible, to move that hd(hp) and add it to my current comp(dell). Or maybe I'll just start messing with other OS's for fun on that computer. Thanks anyways Kimsland.
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    In case anyone has a similar problem, apparently you can recover a lost cd key. I called 800-microsoft and with my COA and part number from the cd itself they were able to give me the key for a $10 dollar fee for 'install help'. Anyways 10 bucks a drop in the bucket to get my cd key back this time I'm keeping both my XP keys locked away!
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    Yes, we have had similar help from Microsoft... the Canadian office is very understanding and efficient... but they do assure that the COA and part number match.... Won one for the Gipper.
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