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Sep 21, 2008
  1. Ive detected a win32 heur when i started up my computer and later on at night i discovered another one while leaving my computer idle with nothing running when i came back a few hours later.

    Attached is my hijackthis log
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    can someone help me please?
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    AVG "False-Positive"

    Hi :

    The "detection" is most likely a "False-Positive" by your AVG program and has
    been reported on this Forum as far back as June ; best to contact AVG about this
    on THEIR Support Forums, specifically at .

    Best to switch to a better FREE antivirus, such as Avast Home Edition, with Info
    at ; it also has "False-Positives" that are
    changed in a short period of time when reported to Alwil Software .

    However, your HijackThis Log shows a very bad piece of malware called
    "Hong Kong Toolbar" ; IF the SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes' Anti-
    Malware programs we have recommended do NOT "remove" it, you should have
    HijackThis "Fix" ALL of its Listings in the Log . Probably got it by using that P2P
    program Bit Comet; using such programs quadruples the Chances of getting
    malware on a computer . And I see you are using the "Flashget" ADWARE
    program !?
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