Win7 gaming latency

By lathamstorm
Apr 3, 2010
  1. I have recently installed win7 on my comp. now when i play games online my ping is higher than it was when I had XP. i am aware that I am only running 2Gb of ram and this may be affecting my performance, but is there any other way for me to increase my online performance?
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    your "ping" or network latency relies heavily on your network adapter, router and modem. since you are using all of the same hardware with a different OS, I'm willing to bet it's the Win7 driver for your adapter... even if it's hard-wired. you may also need to configure your IP and network settings manually or download a different driver for LAN devices.

    also, you may want to check background services for network activity since it's a different operating system. a certain service or process could be affecting your network connection... possibly and update service or a web plugin. if you're using an anti-virus program that updates itself, check the settings and maybe change to manual updating.
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