Windows 2000 startup problem linked to winzip??

By bbmftimes4
Dec 29, 2003
  1. I have windows 2000 profesional, and when every I restart my computer I have this problem. Windows boots up fine but once logged in and my settings are loaded an error message pops up. The message says trade hack loaded, ready to trade. Not sure what this means. This is the only thing showing except my wallpaper. The only way I can start my computer is by pushing CTRL+ATL+DEL opening task manager and running new task. I run c:\programfiles\kazaalite\ksharedfoler.exe. This was the last thing I pushed before my computer crashed, so for one reason or another when I run it from the start up windows starts up as normal.:confused: I believe this file is from a .zip file that was download over a year ago. It also affected winzip. Everytime I unzip a file I get the error message. It didnt bother me so much, so I just used another extracting program. I have since uninstalled winzip and everything in the registry pertaining to it. And windows still will not start normally. (Also does this in safe mode.) Pleas help.
  2. Nodsu

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    You don't need to run the ksharedfolder thing, explorer.exe will do.
    You should run Ad-Aware or something similar to remove any spyware.
    Look in Start->Programs->Startup and remove all the stuff you don't need.
    Run "msconfig" and untick suspicious things under "startup" (if you have doubts about some entries, ask us or Google).
  3. iss

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    download WinPatrol it will tell you exactly what trade hack is it will also run a check everytime the computer boots and will alert you if any new process tries starting up since the last boot giving you the option to allow it to run or disabling it.

    best of all it is free.
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