Windows 7 and Windows XP in one PC

  1. Hello All!
    I have one question, I already setup windows 7 ultimate 32bit, and I also setup windows xp sp3 on other drive but when I finish my winxp setup I can not load win 7, how can I do it? please help me
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    If you are having trouble sorting out the boot menu, try Easy BCD, it's a readily available free download, which is simple to use to facilitate multiple boot setups.
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    To explain what happend, you need to realise that when XP was designed, it had no idea that 10 years later another OS would come along which used another, totally incompatible method of booting.....typical of MS.....
    Hence installing XP after Win7 completely destroyed the boot mechanism for Win7. Fear not, both OS's are still there (on diferent drives) and you just need to repair the boot process for Win 7 then using easybcd, add XP to the boot.
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    Thank you very much now I can run tow windows in my pc by easy BCD thank fimbles and Pan Wah and more thank gbhall I using your guide link for sucess.

    I like techspot I always get solution when I got problem.
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    Glad to help, Thanks for the feedback :)

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