Windows 7 froze, can't repair or install Windows now

By Alisitcia
Dec 6, 2010
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  1. I left my Computer unattended at home for about five minutes yesterday to come back to it frozen up. I restarted it thinking nothing was wrong and then it would not boot past the Window's 7 Loading screen. I turned my compy off, took out the power cable and waiting a half an hour then tried again with the same result. I went from there, to repairing Windows 7 using the CD. That froze at the green loading bar that it uses for progress (Half an hour wait). I tried removing my HDD and replacing it, only to have Windows 7 CD Crash and Freeze as it tried to load it to install, failing to reach even the installation screen.

    I am utterly stumped as to what is wrong with my compy this time around, I don't think it's hardware but I can't explain it now.. I can boot and get Bios just fine.. Just not into Windows 7 or my Win7 CD to fix this. Thank you for any help you lovely people can give..
  2. ElShotte

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    Try a different Windows 7 DVD. I think the reason it's freezing is cause your getting an invisible BSOD. Back in the XP days, you'd get BSOD during installation, I don't think they show up with Windows 7, it just freezes. Your best bet would be to try different DVD.

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