Windows 7 no password?

By thomja
Oct 1, 2010
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  1. hi im a windows 7 user with my HP PC and once again i turn to techspot for help :)

    so yesterday on my admin account i were playing around alittle with cmd ( I know i shouldnt have done that) and i typed in this:

    net user Thomas /active:yes

    thomas is my user name and it said command completed succesfully

    but nothing happen so i turned the comkputer off and i went to bed...

    the next morning when i started the computer i couldnt log in because the password didnt work even thus i tried to type in in several times.... and i tryed with no password still doesnt work so then i went on my moms account on the computer which aint an administrator just a regular user and created a password file for my usb stick so i could reset the password(it asks me if i type in the wrong password to reset the password) so when i did that and resetted the password and click next it says that it couldnt reset it...

    so what do i do now i really dont wanna reinstall windows as i got over 600gb used memory PLEASE HELP ME!

    thank you in advance regards Thomas :)
  2. thomja

    thomja TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 87

    ok so now i managed to solve my problem via this

    its awsome i just burned the CD image file and booted the PC via the cd it can do alot of things change the password and change the account from standard to admin... it rocks :)

    so yeah my problem is solved

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