Windows 7 Print Spooler stop/start

By everest63
Dec 8, 2010
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  1. Hi, new to the forum. At work we have just gotten 4 new laptops that have Windows 7 Professional. One of our users had a Vista laptop that always had the print spooler stop when he tried to print. I had to go into the services and start the print spooler again. When trying to print a second time the message would pop up again to state that the Print spooler had stopped. I hoped that the Print Spooler issue with Vista would be cured in Windows 7. Well, sort of. With the 4 new Windows 7 laptops that I have setup onto our domain I notice that the Print Spooler takes about 2-3 minutes to start. We have a print server in our domain and all the shared printers will not show up in the OS until the Print Spooler service starts up. I checked the dependencies of the Print Spooler Service and it is the Remote Procedure Call. That service does not seem to be an issue. When I try to print to a network printer it takes a long time to print. I check the printer queue and I see two files; the doc and a file called Local Downlevel Document. I try printing an hour later again and I can print with no issues. Then I will try to print again the Print Spooler service will stop and I will have to restart it. I searched the net and I see tons of hits for Windows 7 Print Spooler issues and I have tried a lot of fixes but I still have issues. I even installed a Win 7 driver for two of the printers, one local (LJ5) and one networked and the local printer never has an issue! Possibly it is a domain issue or an issue with our print server? We have two division offices in CT and NJ and they are in the same domain ( but different DC and print server) and the IT guys there said they have no Print Spooler service issues with their Win 7 laptops. Pulling my hair out here though, LOL.
    I run this script as a batch file and it helps sometimes but not all.
    @echo off
    echo Purging the print queue . . .
    net stop Spooler
    echo Deleting all print jobs. . .
    ping localhost -n 4 > nul
    del /q %SystemRoot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*
    net start Spooler
    echo Done!
    ping localhost -n 4 > nul

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