Windows 8 is failing to boot

  1. Hi, this morning I turned on my computer and got this screen.

    Nothing has been disconnected despite what it says, and the keyboard doesn't work. I can't press F8 for more boot option and I can't press Enter to retry the boot.

    I just don't know what to do.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I tried to get to my boot screen, to boot from the Windows 8 disc and try a repair or maybe a system restore, but either my keyboard doesn't work (I've tried another just in case) or it's not registering the key press.

    Edit 2: I just tried unplugging all USB devices but the problem remains the same.
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  2. childofthetao

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    OK I fixed it lol, don't know how or why. I? pressed the Go2Bios button on my motherboard, this allowed me to go and set my DVD drive as boot option 1 and the HD as 2. When I rebooted, the computer skipped booting from the disc and booted the HD fine.

    So it's all fixed lol.

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