Windows 8's choose operating system menu not showing

By deanlaing12
Jan 19, 2013
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  1. I had installed windows 8 previously.
    Decided to play an old game that does not work on windows 8 and so I had to install windows xp.
    (Created a separate partition for windows xp ofcourse)
    When I installed windows xp, the option to choose which operating system to start first has not come up.

    I run windows 8 repair and managed to get windows 8 running again. Now I can't seem to see an option to get windows xp to run?

    What should have happened is that I should have installed xp first and then windows 8 on a new partition. That way it would be updated and I would get to choose an operating system with a colored background. Since I did it backwards due to nostalgia, I can't seem to see the option to choose which operating system I wish to start.

    In the advanced system properties, under "Start-up and recovery" The only os I can see in the list is windows 8. (Default os list)
    The time to display os is at 30 seconds

    How do I fix this in order to see the windows 8 style, os choosing screen?
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  3. deanlaing12

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    Thanks a tun! And sorry for not replying, I just got carried away and forgot all about this. Thanks once more!

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