Windows 95 - Error reading fixed disk while reformatting

By HelpABrotha
Oct 21, 2006
  1. Okay so I think i messed up in one of the steps by not naming the volume if that matters at all. but When i try the format c command it doesnt reconize it and nowhere in any of the steps does the computer tell me exactly what drive letter thats been given after doing all the below steps. But I dunno if I screwed up somewhere or if its fixable cause I called a technician and im still waiting on his call for a quote on my problem. so if possible before he calls me could you tell me what I can do to fix this so that it reads the CD rom drive or whatever so I can have access to my old computer. It's an old school Tiger GT200 and im trying to install windows 95.


    "Do you wish…?" [Y] enter

    Delete partition? [3] enter

    Delete primary? [1] enter

    WARNING: "What primary…?" [1] enter

    "Enter volume label" [ (left blank) ] enter

    "Are you sure? [Y] enter

    Hit "escape"

    "Create DOS partition?" [1] enter

    "Create primary [1] enter

    "Max space?" [Y] enter

    pressed the restart button

    but after i type in 'A:\>format c:' or 'A:\>format c: /s' it gives me 'invalid drive specification'

    then when i try fdisk again it gives me 'error reading fixed disk'
  2. HelpABrotha

    HelpABrotha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i keep trying to fix this thing int he process of any kind of answer from you guys if there is one. but i put in the cd and disk in A and typed out A:\>format c: and it gives me in return a message saying that I cannot format a network drive. I also tried C:\setup and im given a response of CDR101: Not ready reading drive C, abort, retry, fail?

    I've been given the options at the beginning
    1. load nec ide cdrom driver
    2. load toshiba ide cdrom driver
    3. load hitachi dvd cdrom driver
    4. load scsi cdrom driver (adaptec)
    5. no cdrom support
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