windows error msg on bootup!!

By bonez
Nov 14, 2005
  1. this looks nasty. on bootup i get an error saying something like

    "windows could not start becos the following file is missing or corrupt:

    you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD ROM.
    select "r" at the first screen to start repair."

    i press R and it just restarts.. and pressing any other button also restarts comp. I cant go any further than this screen (am on a laptop now). Problem is i dont have the Windows xP professional CD.. is there any other way to tackle this prob?? i need help asap. i cant even enter safe mode (although i can reach the safe mode menu).

    At the time i was chatting on msn and my pc randomly restarted and this happened.
  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    Have you tried the Last known good configuration option?

    See this page:

    You could create a BartPE rescue disc on another PC and use it to work on the afflicated PC. The information on how to do that is also there.
  3. gary_hendricks

    gary_hendricks TS Rookie Posts: 107

    Hi bonez,

    Yess this is nasty. If I get a msg like that I start to panic. However, you should try to look at what you did b4 you got this message. Did you accidentally delete some Windows file? Or did you install a funny crap piece of software?
  4. bonez

    bonez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thx for your replies.
    Before it happened i was on msn chatting and didnt delete any files or do anything but the pc randomly restarted and this turns up.

    also i canot use last known configuration cos it has to load the win xp pro 1st which cannot happen cos this error msg comes up.

    I will look into that link you posted. How will i go about making a recovery floppy disk for win xppro though? if u can explain how i can do this on this laptopn and then use it on my pc, id be greateful.

    thanks! :giddy:
  5. ryan01

    ryan01 TS Rookie

    bonez, I recently had an error just like that!...I have no idea why I got the message...I was unable to boot up...It's like everything seems normal until one day all hell breaks loose...and I didn't touch or delete my system files either, so I don't feel I did anything to cause this...

    The "last known good configuration" option did absolutely nothing for me when I tried it...(neither did the Repair Console do any good)...Plus, the only choice for "picking an operating system" was Windows XP...there was no other option for me, so I was forced to pick this and each time I did so, I would get another error and it would reset and this would just repeat... :confused: I have one physical hard drive, with two partitions, C: and D:, and my windows systems files are all on the D: drive only...(don't ask me why...this computer used to belong to my dad) but why all the sudden does this occurr??
  6. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

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