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By gmarlow
Feb 9, 2007
  1. In Windows IE6 you are able to access your in-house ftp folders via Windows Explorer. All I had to do was create a link using the user name, password, folder name and server name like the following example-ftp://username:password@w2k3/ftp01. Then when the end user clicked on the link they were directly into their folder in Windows Explorer.
    Now the problems begin, with Windows IE7 you click on the same link you are now browsing outside of Windows Explorer. Your are accessing the ftp site via the Internet. You can still access the ftp folder contents but you cannot delete or rename the folders or files. You are prompted to click on "page" and then "Open ftp Site in Windows Explorer". And then you are prompted for a user name and passord. Is there a way to get IE7 to open ftp sites in Windows Explorer the same as IE6? I am trying to shorten the process for my end users and IE7 seems stop that process. Thank you
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