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By Function
Jan 29, 2008
  1. I have two SATA hard drives, a raptor and a data storage drive. One day after I rebooted my computer I was never able to boot again when both of them were connected at the same time. It seems that when the data storage drive is hooked up, windows reboots without giving me any error messages right after the windows logo (screen turns black and goes back to bios). When it's disconnected though and only my main raptor drive is hooked up, there it boots without any problems. I've tried booting into a linux live cd which showed both hard drives with the files accessible on both (second hard drive is still working). I've also tried booting into safe mode which shows the list of drivers being loaded and reboots after the list as well. In addition, I tried doing boot logging which gave me the following result in ntbtlog.txt
    I can't tell if it's the driver that's causing the problems. Does windows normally get past loading this driver or is this actually the last one that always gets loaded?
    Lastly, I thought the power supply might not have enough juice, so I bought a new 500watt one, but that did not fix it. My computer only has the two drives, an old radeon card and athlon processor.
    I can't tell what my next step should be or what's causing this. Has anyone experienced the same problem?
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    I tried doing a repair install, but that did not fix the problem. I was forced to reinstall windows.
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