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By Kf21291
Feb 16, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    I need help with setting up windows 2003 sever. I seem to have trouble with everything in it like When i try to browse the internet it would come up like seeing any pages that aren't connected on the internet. Even though it is connected and it reconnizes the network card. And second i want to set up a 2 computer network exactly how? both computers have Windows 2003 Sever.
  2. ru_ready

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    not trying to be mean here, but, what i suggest is you go to a book store and buy some books on server 2003 ;) trust me on this one... i run server 2000 on my personal network and inside the network i run 5 comps with 2 - 3 com 24 port hubs, and not a week goes by that i dont grab one of the books i have to read up on something about DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP etc... (not to mention active directory) in the server 2000 configurations.

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