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By circusboy01
Dec 31, 2012
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  1. Someone told me that the front USB ports on Windows 7 are wired differently than the rear USB ports. Is this true? Because I have my doubts.
  2. Zoltan Head

    Zoltan Head TS Booster Posts: 247   +27

    The front ports can be different to the rear ports (e.g. 2.0 at the rear, 3.0 at the front), it's a hardware/BIOS thing, independent of the OS.
  3. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 6,612   +336

    How can one find out? I ran
    but saw no mention of it. TIA
  4. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,920   +627

    Well, back USB ports are soldered directly onto the motherboard. Front USB ports have a wire that runs through the computer (if we're talking about a desktop here..) and plugs into the motherboard.

    But, there are differences: the front ports are a 'hub', not individually powered, and as mentioned above can be USB 1, 2, 3 depending on the motherboard.

    It has nothing to do with Windows 7 though.
  5. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 6,612   +336

    If it has nothing to do with W7, why can I not reboot on my W7 if a usb is plugged in a front port?
    I am probably the individual the OP was talking about. This is my original thread
    "EDIT" No, I will not even try to use any port in the front of this W7 . I will not risk it.
  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Some older/lesser motherboards have problems when connecting to the front (case) USB ports
  7. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 6,612   +336

    Thank you, I hope that settles this.

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