Windows wont boot from cd/dvd

By Daniel Gee
May 16, 2013
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  1. I installed Windows 8 a little while ago and now I want to install windows 7 again, I did a restore in windows 8 itself under an option in the settings to remove all files, settings etc. It then went through hours of doing that to eventually telling me that it failed to restore and then made me restart. When the pc started up I got the following "Press any key to boot from cd or dvd an operating system wasnt found try disconnecting any drives that dont contain an operating system" .. I tried to insert the windows 8 disk I used to install in the first place and that didnt boot up and then I tried the windows 7 disk and still wont boot up, nothing happens when I get to the press any key screen. Ive entered the BIOS settings and changed the boot order to the dvd being number 1 and disabling the hard drive and still no luck. Ive seemed to have tried everything and im out of ideas. Hope someone can help me.
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    Use an old PS/2 keyboard. Some motherboards (my Gigabyte 965P-DS3 for example) have issues with USB keyboards after POST until the OS loads drivers. If you don't have one and know nobody you can borrow one from, try other USB ports for your KB, one might work. I've never gotten that far into the problem.

    Also, make sure something like Legacy USB support is on in the BIOS.*

    *That may be the key thing here, I've never cared enough to try switching it on and off to see if it matters for this issue.

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