Windows won't detect my video card

By lindseyjena
Dec 14, 2005
  1. I have an emachines T2460 that i installed a video card in a month ago after flashing the BIOS so that i could disable the onboard video. It worked fine but i kept getting the activate windows screen popup. I finally had to buy another copy of windows XP home. I had to do a full restore and reflash my BIOS.
    For some reason It will not detect my video card. It is an ATI Radeon 9600xt. It worked fine before so I'm not sure why it won't detect it. The new CD has SP2 and my other was SP1, which i don't care for but nothing i can see to do about that. AM37 mobo.
    Any suggestions?
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    by doing a "full restore" are you referring to a reformat and reinstall of windows or did you just load the new XP on top of the old one? Also did you install your video card drivers?

    and I cant imagine why an install of Xp would require you to reflash your bios.
  3. lindseyjena

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    Video card problem

    My Emachines T2460 had no way of disabling the onboard video card in BIOS. So I had to flash the BIOS with an updated BIOS flash to get that ability. ( see :Dreaded Emachines video card upgrade post) Once I flashed the BIOS Windows decided i pirated the software. That kicked a Activate windows screen every 3 minutes with a 30 day grace period. The grace period expired and i was unable to start my PC until i activated Windows. After 8 hours on the phone with Microsoft and Emachines i relented and bought another copy of XP home. Windows had imbedded the activation timer in my BIOS so the new copy of XP would not install. I finally reflashed the BIOS once again and XP installed. I reformatted and installed XP however it has no display adapter in device manager even though the card is in and running the monitor off of it. I tried installing all the drivers but it says it sees no hardware to install it to.
  4. lindseyjena

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    Nevermind, I fixed it. The new XP CD did not have the VIA VGA drivers. I had gone to Windows update and downloaded The Via 4 in 1 drivers but apparently i did not install properly.
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    now you know why your shouldnt buy an Emachine.
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