Windows wont start up...

By Eskay
Jul 12, 2006
  1. Lately ive been having trouble getting into my windows xp..the loading screen comes up for about 20 secs, then the computer restarts all over again, then i get a message saying "windows did not start succesfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this"..and further down it says "a previous startup attempt was interrupted by a power failure or the power or reset button was pushed. If you arent sure what caused the problem start windows normally" here i also get a list of options on ways to start up windows- safe mode - safe with networking - last known config that worked -start windows normally and safe mode with command prompt..ive tried all of these options and none of then can get me into windows.

    Ive reformatted my comp since then and i was able to get into windows a couple times..but now its started all over again, now im thinking its a hardware problem but i dont know which piece of hardware it could be

    Any ideas on what might need replacing?

    CLIFFS: xp wont start..possible hardware, driver, or software failure
  2. fastco

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    Start with the easiest thing first. Use a different WIndows XP cd and install Windows with that. If you still have problems try swapping out the ram. If you have more than one module remove one at a time reboot and see if you have any more crashes. If that doesn't work try removing everything that is not necessary, cd/dvd drives, floppy, modems, NIC etc and see if the computer boots. Just leave the memory (1 stick) hard drive, PSU, CPU and video card. If that doesn't work swap out the hard drive for a different one.
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