Windows XP Access Denied

By nevaneva
Aug 6, 2005
  1. Recently I did a system recovery since one of my .dll files said it was missing. The computer then went working fine except now when I try to get access to all the files in my documents it says "Acess denied" I clicked on properties and it said the file was 0 in size except when I clicked on the document folder it said it was a few gigabites. I can put files into the documents and they are accessible and fine. Except everything there before recovering it doesn't work. I am the administrator and hav access for everything except the documents which I need to access. I have Windows XP. I used norton antivirus along with other small virus programs I have and all ran through the program and fixed things except I still can't access the files in the documents. I went in safe mode and tried accessing them, access denied. Everything works fine on the computer except for this folder. What is happening?
  2. Liquidlen

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    The System recovery may not recognize you as the same user as the old Documents file. Just take ownership of the file/s.
  3. nevaneva

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    how do i take ownership of the files?
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