Windows XP HE can't startup (Keeps rebooting?)

By n0real
Jul 13, 2010
  1. Hello all, just got this .. error today..

    I >might< know the problem..

    Here's how it started:

    I DL'd a Boot Screen from a website called belchfire I think, and then I used TuneUp Utilities to install it, then I applied it.
    Then I wanted to see how the new Boot Screen looked for real, so I shut down the PC and started it up again..

    I got into the Loading page (Boot screen) and the new one I applied was working, and it loaded that, and then just when I thought it would go to Log-on page, (black screen before Log-on page), bam, it rebooted.. and it keeps rebooting right before it gets to Log-on page. I tried this in Safe Mode too, and doesn't work..

    Does anyone know a possible solution? - (The PC Worked fine before this happened)

    Thanks in advance :) - (Sorry if this has been posted before)

    EDIT: I'm writing from my laptop if you'd wonder
  2. n0real

    n0real TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Anyone that can look on this, please.. I'm in a hurry lol
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