Windows XP not loading - mouse arrow onscreen

By jjcs87
Jul 4, 2007
  1. Hi Guys,

    This question has been asked here before, perhaps a tad bit different but all the solutions mentioned have not worked.

    First, this computer has a copy of windows xp home. Its one of the older hp pav zt1135, 256 mb ram and I believe approx a 1.7 ghz cpu. This is my uncles laptop so I do not recall all right off hand.

    He tried to turn it on the other day and all he is getting is a black screen once the windows logo has passed and all and an arrow for the mouse which is moveable.

    Waited quite a while and nothing. No activity at all cept what we do with the mouse. Cannot open task manager from ctrl - alt -del.

    Was working perfectly fine the other day and he said that all he did was turn it off. I have tried to insert the windows os cd to repair or do a clean format if needed but get a blue screen stop 0x0000007b error which is coming up at inaccessible boot device. I am sure that the disk can be accessed seeing the windows logo comes up, loads, and tries to run. So, I was thinking that the explorer.exe might be corrupted or another executable os file but I cannot access the install disk to do anything with the installation.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - John
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