Windows XP not properly shutting down pc hardware.

By 3rd_shift
Feb 12, 2006
  1. The computer has an Intel 810 chipset with a bios date of 11-99.
    Intel P3 600E
    ATX case and power supply.
    No ISA hardware installed.

    I did try WinME, Win98 and 98 Second edition.
    These were able to properly shut off the pc.

    WindowsXP Pro won't for some reason.

    I have to hold down the power button for several seconds to shut her off.
    I would like to keep XP Pro if I could.
    It recognized and set up the rest of the hardware nicely, including the DVD reader/cd rewriter.

    I'm getting the same problem with a pc I built for my Mother a while back.
    Ity was fine until my Mom insisted that she wanted MS Powerpoint and the required addition of Windows XP Upgrade.

    It has;
    ATX case and power supply.
    P3 500 slot1 (Katmai)
    A 1998 DFI motherboard with a newer bios installed 6/2000.
    It had Win98 SE before the upgrade to XP SP2 over top of it.
    No ISA devices were ever in the Computer.
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    I was about to post exactly the same link Peddant, but you got there first mate.

    3rd_shift, as Peddant says. If that link doesn`t help I don`t know what will.

    Regards Howard :)
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    I checked out the link.
    Some of the suggestions make sense.
    I'll try those out tomorrow at work.
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