Windows XP Pro - No Load

By silvrdag
Mar 28, 2010
  1. I have had my laptop (Acer 2012 wlmi) since around Summer of 2004. Just recently I have had this problem. When I was not there the laptop was "off" with windows not loaded. I restarted the computer and it would flash the "blue screen of death" with a physical memory dump time after time. It would restart on its own to a blank screen, not loading Windows OS. Loading in safe-mode or last good configuration would not work either. There was one time that it actually loaded Windows and I was able to use the laptop as usual. I had to off the laptop and now it does not work anymore.

    The laptop now does not load windows at all. I have tried to load from XP disk, but it seems as though the disk menu options do not load up fully at all. I am assuming the HD is dead...but I am unsure of what else could be wrong.

    Is it possible to try to hook my HD via USB from as like an external drive and explore the HD this way?
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    you could try using WinSetupFromUSB (google it) and try booting XP from a flash drive. you can also use a BART CD like OTLPE, which offers an array of tools, to boot a remote environment in which you can explore your drives. in order for you to boot from anything, the device or media needs to be bootable, so attaching an external hard drive that's just used for storage will do nothing.
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