Windows XP repair issues

By Hodsocks
Nov 25, 2010
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  1. I have a pc with Windows Xp pro on it and its not booting into windows, the perennial reboot situation. I decided to repair windows but because its a SATA drive on an Asrock P4V88 motherboard it detects no hard drive.
    I copied the RAID drivers on a floppy disc, rebooted, hit F6 but keep getting the message "File txtsetup.oem caused an unexpected error (1024) at line 1747 in d:/xpsprtm/base/boot/setup/oemdisk". Sometimes its line 1742.
    I have downloaded the drivers off the Asrock website and also copied off the motherboard cd but neither work.
    The manual says to produce a SATA driver disc you need to boot with the Mobo cd in the drive and follow instructions to produce a driver disc, I tried this also but keep getting the message, Sector not found. Cannot redirect input from file''.
    I have tried other floppy disc and floppy drives, I have swapped the cd drive for a new DVD writer but nothing seems to help.
    I have ran diagnostic checks on memory and hard drive and both seem to be good.
    I have tried exerything I can think of but seem to be going round in circles.
    I have been into the BIOS and the only settings for SATA are "RAID" or "Disable". there is only one hard drive but I have to choose RAID as otherwise it doesn't find the drive in the BIOS.
    I am hoping one of you guys have some words of wisdom to help me out here.
  2. Route44

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    Did you try a new SATA cable?

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