Windows XP taskbar does not display running programs

By martypsu5224
Jan 26, 2009
  1. hello,

    i have windows xp on my hp desktop computer and when i run programs, they do not appear as an icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen. when i minimize the programs, the programs screen disappears, but stays active somewhere i can't see. has anyone ever experienced this type of problem before?
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  3. martypsu5224

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    I am not sure as to whether I cleary explained my situation. The task bar exists, the start button works, and the time and other icons there are displayed, however where the tabs would exist for programs currently running, there is just a gray bar area. Please let me know if this changes the situation and what I should do otherwise.
  4. martypsu5224

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    i did what the thread and file told me to do, but the tabs still won't show up
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    Here's a setting you can check:

    Right click on Taskbar> Properties> Taskbar tab> UNCHECK 'group similar Taskbar buttons'> Apply> OK.

    If that is already done, try this:

    Open 'Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs> Check for the program entries
    of WinSrvReg and Friend Greetings. If found, uninstall the program
    and reboot.

    If you do find either Worm, you should visit the Virus And Malware Cleaning Forum.

    Follow the steps and attach the logs.
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