Windows xp won't boot, stuck in loop not even safe mode.

By Legoflamb
May 7, 2008
  1. Ok so my friend just rang me about his computer which won't boot.

    It's stuck in a loop and no matter what option you choose (safe mode/recent config etc) it just reboots itself.

    Thing is he was telling me he took some ram out to see what type it was or something and he found when he put it back in the computer worked for a few weeks without incident. Thing is, once the machine was showing the same problem he tried it again and it didn't work. He also tried leaving half the ram in but to no avail. Is the ram thing a coincidence?

    these are his specs:

    win xp home
    ati x800 gto
    1 gb ram
    athlon 64+ 3700

    I said he should try and repair by booting from windows disk pressing enter then R and choosing his installation.

    What else should I tell him to do - chkdsk/f perhaps?

    He's prepared to do a wipe and complete reinstall but would prefer to sort it out without doing that if possible.

    Or is it not the OS, like with the ram thing I mentioned ?

    I can't say for sure whether he's done the right things to fix it or he may have overlooked something so I'm going to have a play with it if my advice doesn't fix it.

    Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this? Seems like a common problem which I've encountered many times myself but would like to know what to do if the above stuff I've mentioned doesn't do the trick.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. raul_bejarano

    raul_bejarano TS Rookie

    Try reinstalling Windows XP. I was in the same scenario some weeks ago, and after reinstalling XP everything went back to normal. Don't format your hard drive, just reinstall the OS. If it doesn't work, try checking the hard drive for errors or in the worst case, it could be your mainboard that got screwed. Doesn't look like a RAM error, since it wouldn't even boot if the memory was damaged.
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