Wireless Belkin print server appears to be disabling all the printer drivers

By paliovigla
Dec 20, 2004
  1. I've just installed a wireless Belkin Print Server and having several problems. There are 3 computers, 2 on Windows 2000 and a lap top on XP. At first 2 of the printers could print fine. Then I downloaded the printdrivers for the HP 6110 on to the 3rd machine. Since then the drivers have been deleted from the other 2 computers - and the download version doesn't work. So now none of the computers can print.

    I can reinstall the drivers - but what is to stop this happpening all over again?

    The network is wireless (netgear) using BT Broadband. Can any one suggest what I can do to retsore the printer - incidentally after the pc drivers disappeared I checked the lap top and it was fine until it was switched on - it worked once then went teh same way as the others...Can anyone help?
  2. azadazeaz

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    I was wondering if you have managed to sort your problem out, as I am suffering from excatly the same issue. The help desk of Belkin was not use, as t hey suggested that I go and buy another printer!!

  3. mcross

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    I too am having similar problems. I am trying to integrate a Belkin wireless print server into an existing Belkin wireless network. I can get as far as setting everything up and getting the print server to successfully print a test page, but the action of configuring the server deletes the printer driver from the client PC, so when I come to print from an application on the client PC, teh printer is not visible.

    I am using Windows XP (Home), the printer is an HP PSC 1219.

    Any ideas, please

    Mike Cross
  4. Nodsu

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    How are you "configuring the server"? Don't use any silly wizards. If you have an advanced mode available, then use that.

    A network device cannot have any effect on your local computer - this can only happen because of some stupid software.
  5. mcross

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    I have tried both ways of configuring the print server, using the wizard and directly, as you suggest. But in both cases the result is the same: Printer deleted from list of installed printers.

    At the very least I would expect to "see" the printer in my network places. I can access the print server web inerface and configure it OK (it seems), but just can't actually print.

    Any further thoughts ?

  6. Nodsu

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    UGH. Never install a printer as a Windows network printer. Use ports whenever possible.

    I'm pretty sure your print server supports JetDirect and LPR in addition to SMB printing.

    In order of preference:
    Install the printer as a local printer attached to a standard TCP/IP port. Try as raw TCP/IP first, then LPR.
    Install the printer as a local printer attached to a local port (defined as \\printserver\printername)
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