Wireless card keeps rebooting pc when enabled

By hungabc
Apr 15, 2008
  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know why my pc keeps rebooting when i enable my wireless network adaptor? Its a D-Link dwlg510. I tried formatting my pc aswell and reinstalling 2 different copies of XP and the same thing happens.
    One thing I notice is that I now have about 10 new devices in "network Adapters", mainly containg the words "Packet Scheduler Miniport".

    If I disable the Packet Scheduler Miniport devices, then the pc runs fine with no problems, if they are left enabled, then the pc keeps rebooting as soon as the 2nd windows logo comes up after rebooting.

    Can anyone help me please, I dont know if its my network card or if its a memory problem.

    Thanks heaps.
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