Wireless card needed for building computer?

By DrekSilver
May 2, 2011
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  1. Hey just a quickie, on all the sites saying what parts you need to order to build a computer, none list a wireless card as a necessary part, but i've searched around and some places say that if you dont have one you basically cant connect to wireless networks?

    So no big deal, they're like 30 bucks on, but I figure I should get all the important parts ordered.
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    You need a wireless card or wireless adapter to go wireless.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,435   +145

    You want wireless for a desktop? I wouldn't.
    But yes you're right; clearly you won't be able to use wifi if you don't have a wireless card.
    You can buy a wireless card (please do not buy a USB dongle; use a pci card), or you can use one of ASUS' wifi motherboards, if available.
  4. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    You can easily run an Ethernet cable to your computer (usually). It's more effective in my opinion and is better if you are a "hardcore" gamer.

    If you are way too far away from the router, run wireless unless you really want to run the cable through 4 rooms.
  5. Trillionsin

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    If you dont have any wireless connectivity devices you cannot connect to a wireless signal.

    Also, I agree with another poster. I would recommend a PCI card over a USB wifi card.

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