wireless connection problem

By rjb100
Sep 25, 2006
  1. Hello all,
    I have bought a Buffalo wireless package consisting of ;
    1. modem
    2. router
    3. usb wireless adapter
    4.installation cd
    I have two laptops;a recently purchased Acer 2410 wireless enabled and an old P/Bell [easy one silver] which is not wireless enabled.

    The system has been set up and the Acer laptop is working perfectly with an excellent signal.
    However,I have failed to connect wirelessly with my old laptop.
    I have plugged in and installed the usb wireless adapter provided ok .
    I have installed client manager ok .
    I get a message 'time out has occured' after attempting to connect

    I was told that once the system was set up and configured it was a simple matter of connecting any additional wireless enabled pc's[up to four I think] in my house.
    I would appreciate any ideas on this problem.
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