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By darrenmac
Jan 24, 2011
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  1. Hi folks, new to the forum. Please forgive my ignorance, but that is why I joined ... to learn. I have an N router that I use for my wireless at my home. I can pick up my DSL wireless about 100 feet outside of my house very well. I live in a rural area and have a shop about 850 feet away from my house and I would like to be able to pick up my wireless there if possible. Are there any boosters or antennas that I can use to do this ? Cat 5 would not go that far and fiber optic might work but probably needs to be buried and would be costly also. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    How many computers are you going to have in your shop?
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    My laptop is wireless capable and it works well when used around the house. I also have a desktop in the shop and I have one of those wireless USB plug ins that is made by Linksys that I once used with an older laptop if that helps. Someone told me that I might be able to get an antenna that could be aimed from my house to the shop ???
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    A site we typically use for longer range wireless setups is They can recommend which equipment would be good for the distance and setup of your wireless devices. Some of the equipment will work over serveral miles if there is a good line of sight between the buildings. I'm sure there are several other options, but they may be a good starting point.
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    Thanks for the help , I will give them a try.

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