Wireless Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

By Kiell
Oct 13, 2009
  1. Hey guys,

    Looking for some advice on a new Keyboard and mouse. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  2. fairytale00

    fairytale00 Banned Posts: 56

    Hi, i recommend the i-rocks RF-6572-WH Keyboard, The mouse is small and also feels good in the hand. The keys only have to be slightly pressed and they have a nice spring back to them.
  3. jtickner1

    jtickner1 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 650

    If you are doing serious gaming I wouldn't get that I-Rocks stuff, just looks like a generic mouse and keyboard to me. That being said, I can't recommend you a keyboard because A) I don't have a wireless one and, B) Even though I have a Razer Lycosa (wired) and it's awesome I don't think it has improved my game in anyway shape or form, but it's still a great keyboard if you don't mind wired :p

    Now, mouse on the other hand. I highly recommend the SideWinder X8 from Microsoft. That has improved my game and it is a bloody awesome mouse. So comfortable, my hand just molds right around it, note that it is a tad on the big side. I love how the thumb buttons are aligned vertically rather than horizontally, it makes them a lot easier to press. Another huge plus is the wireless receiver or "puck" It sits on your desk or whatever and has a charging cable tucked into it, so if the mouse is dying, you just snap on the magnetic cable and it begins charging. It's awesome.
    The only downside to this mouse I can think of is that the feet (oh and it comes with 3 sets of feet to play with :p) aren't teflon, they're just plastic so while it glides really nice, it's just not as nice as some of the Razer mice I have had a play with.


    Look how sexy that is ;)
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